About Yosemite Area

The Yosemite area of California is found in the Central Valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  This once arid desert plain now boasts some of the richest farmlands in the USA because of the liberal use of irrigation.  The Central Valley is 50 to 100 miles wide (90 - 150 km) and is covered with farms, orchards and vineyards.
From Bakersfield, just east of Las Angeles, to Yosemite, nearly 200 miles north, there is no road traversing the Sierra Nevada Mountains from east to west.

Yosemite Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals in the Yosemite and Pinecrest areas of the Central Valley regions consist mainly of  mountain vacation cabins.  Some of the cabins are close to ski resorts such as the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, while others are close to Pinecrest Lake.  Also available to rent by owner in the Yosemite area are spacious vacation homes, ideal for retreats or family reunions.  So if you feel like a mountain, get-a-way, the Yosemite area of California is a good choice for your vacation.

Try renting from a private owner in the Yosemite Pinecrest regions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a more affordable holiday with better amenities than a hotel can provide.


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