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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and is well known for its wonderful white-sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, friendly people and the best coffee in the world.  The capital city of Kingston, the largest English speaking city in the Caribbean,  is the commercial, administrative and cultural heart of the island.  Kingston has the seventh largest natural harbor in the world.  The three main tourist resorts on Jamaica are Negril, with one of the longest beaches in the country, Montego Bay (fondly nicknamed "Mo Bay"), Jamaica's second largest city, and Ocho Rios with a wide range of accommodation, excellent beaches, airstrip and modern cruise facilities. These are excellent places to find Jamaica vacation rentals so you can explore the area from your own home away from home. A little way along the coast, one will find "the real Jamaica" with fishing villages like Treasure Beach, Port Antonia and Oracabessa providing quieter retreats.

The Caribbean island of Jamaica was discovered by Christopher Columbus on May 5, 1494, during his second voyage to the New World and he claimed it at once for the King and Queen of Spain. At the time of Columbus' discovery of Jamaica, it was inhabited by a thriving colony of Arawak Indians such as he had met on the neighboring islands of Cuba and Haiti.   In 1517 the Spaniards brought the first Africans to Jamaica and in 1655, the British arrived, defeated the Spaniards and claimed Jamaica for the King of England.  On August 6, 1962, more than 300 years later, Jamaica became an independent sovereign state and a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.  

Many visitors to Jamaica are starting to rent from owners as an alternative to staying in a hotel.  Jamaica vacation rentals includes vacation villas, bed and breakfast in Jamaica, cottage rentals, and chalets which are all privately owned vacation homes.  Many of these villas have incredible ocean views and are large enough to accommodate weddings, groups for corporate retreats and family reunions.

Jamaica is well known for its reggae music, beautiful scenery and charming people. Christopher Columbus described Jamaica as " the fairest island that eyes have beheld".



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