Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes in France

Why Choose Vacation Rentals in France?

France, known for its joie-de-vivre (joy of life) , is one of the world's leading tourist destinations. One of the oldest nations in Europe, France is a country of rich cultural heritage and diverse climate and scenery. Each region offers its own special kind of holiday from the romance, sidewalk cafes and museums of Paris to skiing in the French Alps to the wonderful wine centres of Burgundy and Bordeaux, or to relaxing on a beach on the sunny French Riviera.
Hotels in Paris can be expensive so when visiting this magical city you may choose to rent a furnished apartment or flat directly from an owner. That way you will have self catering accommodations allowing for a more affordable holiday in France. Furthermore if you visit a local "boulangerie" or bakery, famous for the "baguette" bread and mouth watering croissants fresh from the oven, you will be able to enjoy them in your own private home away from home.
Exploring the French countryside is a must, and here you can find cottages, vacation homes and even holiday rentals in medieval castles. Renting a villa or a chateau, can provide you with luxury amenities for large group gatherings such as weddings, corporate retreats and family reunions. Yes this can be expensive, however when you share expenses with your business associates, family or friends it becomes affordable luxury.
No visit to France would be complete without experiencing the famous French cuisine and wines. Also you will find many charming villages and markets which still retain a feeling of the 'Old France'.
Wherever your visit to France takes you, renting a holiday home, apartment, villa or chateau directly from an owner will make for an unforgettable vacation in France.


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