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Anegada Vacation Rentals include beachfront villas, vacation homes, condos and cottage rentals all for rent by owner.

Anegada is unique in that it is the only coral island in the British Virgin Islands chain.  Anegada measures 11 miles by three and its highest point is just 28 feet above sea level.  The island is surrounded by Horseshoe Reef, one of the world's longest at 18 miles.  Anegada is a divers paradise because of the many shipwrecks of Spanish galleons which are now natural reefs and teem with wondrous sea life. 

Remnants of the island's history are still present in the maze of stone walls that surround the main town and in the east end ancient conch burial mounds tell of the presence of the Arawaks, who called Anegada home nearly a thousand years ago.

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